Who we are...


Our Vision

Oasis will accurately reflect and effectively minister to the ethnic, economic, and multi-age people groups of Farmington and San Juan county. We are committed to being a place of hope and healing for all segments of our community.

We will give a positive witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Farmington, San Juan county and beyond. 

We will show the love of Christ by our willingness to be servants in our community.

We will be a ministry training center for the Four Corners Region and a place for developing and proving new and innovative ideas for outreach and ministry.

Our worship services will be characterized by anointed, dynamic music and anointed, relevant preaching and teaching. A parallel emphasis  will be on individual discipleship, spiritual growth, and small group ministry. 

We will strive to fulfill the ministry that God has called us to with a commitment to excellence for God's glory.

All of this will be built on a foundation of love, prayer, and fasting, and a commitment to God and His Word as well as the direction of the Holy Spirit.

Our success will be measured by changed lives, the presence of the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, signs and wonders, and the growth of the church.


Our Values


We believe in the commitment of individuals to Christ being reflected in their commitment to the local church. 


We believe in the Biblical standard of ethical conduct in the business of the church and in all relationships of its members.


We believe in commitment to prayer as the life source for the individual and the church.


We believe involvement in ministry in the local church and in the community is vital for the spiritual growth of the individual and increases the effectiveness of the church in fulfilling its mission. 


We believe worship is an important part of our relationship with God and should reflect the vibrancy of that relationship. 


We believe the church is a unified family based on love which serves to strengthen and encourage our relationship with God.


We believe the family was instituted by God and should reflect Christ's relationship with the Church, his bride.


We believe the study of Scripture is essential to the health and growth of the individual as well as to the body of believers.